how to send a text message on a nokia lumina 521

Custom Text Message Tones for Nokia Lumia 521

Text tones for Lumina 800 – Nokia Support Discussions, got any plans for updating the text tone alerts so that a custom text tone can be used same as Nokia Lumia > Text tones for Message 1 of 5 (521 Nokia Lumia 521 – Specifications – Nokia – USA, Multiple simultaneous email accounts, Text-to-speech message […]

Cant Send or Receive Picture on My Nokia Lumia 822 on T Mobile Services

Can’t send pics on Nokia lumina 822 | Verizon Wireless Community, More discussions in Nokia Lumia 822 Where For a day or two last week I was able to send and receive pictures. Now I can’t. 4G Network | View Mobile Site Nokia Lumia 822 SMS can’t send Support | T-Mobile, can receive text message […]

D I Y Unlocking Nokia 822

Unable to send text messages on my unlocked Verizon Nokia Lumia , Would appreciate any help available on this issue !! I am using an Nokia Lumia 822 Verizon unlocked phone in India. When I got this phone everything seemed to work Cell Phones and Smartphones – Nokia – USA, Nokia USA – The Official […]