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How to Sync Outlook Between W8 and Wp8

Syncing tasks between Outlook and WP8 – Windows Phone Central Forums, Syncing tasks between Outlook and WP8; and it keeps Outlook (without exchange) and my Outlook.com in sync Great integration stuff between W8 and WP8! Outlook.com/WP8/W8 Mail needs a synced ‘drafts’ folder! WPCENTRAL , Dear WPCENTRAL, I am sure MS keeps an eye on this […]

Sync Lumia with W8

Can’t connect to Windows 8 or 7 with Lumia 920 – Nokia Support , I’ve tried to connect to both w7 and w8, in the case of w7 the drivers install and the icon for the windows phone is visible under My Computer, but an Lumia 920 bluetooth problems – Page 5 – Nokia Support […]