why doesnt my straight talk s380 alert me when i have a text

Straight Talk S380 Text Messages No Alert

Straight Talk Samsung Smartphone, S380C – Walmart.com, Purchase the Straight Talk Samsung Smartphone, Text/Picture messaging; Vibration alert; Voicemail; Enhanced Messaging Features; Voice command; Auto redial; My samsung S380C has no sound when receiving text? – No sound when , "Text message alert iit doesnt make a noise when i get a text Why cant i […]

Why Doesnt My Straight Talk S380 Alert Me When I Have a Text

My phone doesn’t alert me when i get a text message? – Yahoo! Answers, Best Answer: the same thing has been happening to me recently, this whole week actually. i didn’t know what to do to fix it. at first, i tried turning it My samsung S380C has no sound when receiving text? – No […]

I Have Samsung How I Get Sound When I Get Message

Why cant I get alert or sound to text message comming thru on my , I have a samsung straight talk phone when i recieve text message the icon pops up but doesnt alert me with tone or any sound why?? Galaxy S3: how to get message vibration/sound on different modes , Ok, this is […]